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just to listen !!! track made in 2009 still unreleased. dedicaded to ibiza "the white island" idea created b psynunaky the best fluor painting artist and one of my best friends, whit a variety of root sounds from ibiza like the "uk" the ancient scream to call from mountain to mountain since hundreds of years ago whit influence of ibiza melodic style and hight light tribe influence this track makes the trance flor go very wild when djs playit yaaaatooouuuu uuuaaaaajaaajaaaiii my love for ibiza the

08-11-2010imoxmaya (Youtube)


El colectivo Psyara se une con Sumeria Productions Ibiza para crear una nueva dimensión de música y decoración con el siguiente cartelete: Imox Maya presentando "Shamanik Motion" Shank (Psyara) y Dj Shriniva (Sumeria). Amazing colourfull meeting!