Festival del Mar - Children of God



http://tlareleasing.com/details/product_details.cfm?id=310462 The gorgeous beaches and towns of the Bahamas are the setting for Children of God, a strong and tender romantic drama from first-time filmmaker Kareem Mortimer. Percolating under the hot sun and sand are religious intolerance, political grand-standing, family woes and hopefully enough love to conquer them all. Johnny (Johnny Ferro) is an art student in Nassau whose technique is perfect, but he's creatively blocked. His teacher sends him off to

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Tras la sesión de cortos de las 20h, se proyectará "Children of God", el film de Kareem Mortimer. Lena es la conservadora y profundamente religiosa esposa de un pastor agitador, pero secretamente gay. Romeo, un joven guapo de color negro, esconde...